Various Artists - EMI Hit Sounds Collection (8CD Special Deluxe Set)




久違又似曾相識的歌手/樂隊,包括林子祥、杜麗莎、新特樂樂隊、黎愛蓮、鍾玲玲、陳懿德、王愛明、葉麗儀、黃露儀、Paws (袁麗嫦的民歌隊)、Tony Orchez及Ming樂隊等 34個演出單位、鮮明個人風格演繹、107首歌曲,構成香港一段重要港式西洋風音樂史.近60首未曾CD化歌曲.88頁內容豐富的百科歌詞冊,介紹百代歷史、歌手/樂隊照片簡介、詳盡歌曲資料 及40張經典唱片列表

Japanese Version CDx5 Titles & Rundown

(1) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.When Will I See You Again - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎] 

2.Kung Fu Fighting - Joey Villanueva  3.Reasons Why - Ming 

4.Sunshine On My Shoulders - Felicia Wong [王愛明]  5.How Can I Tell You? - Joe Chen [陳任] 

6.I Don't Know How To Love Him - Irene Ryder [黎愛蓮] 

7.The Night Chicago Died - Anders Nelsson [聶安達]   8.The Lord's Prayer - Esther Chan [陳懿德] 

9.Laughter In The Rain - Anders Nelsson [聶安達]   10.Sad Sweet Dreamer - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎] 

11.Feel Like Making Love - Maria Wu [鄔馬利] 12.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Betty Chung [鍾玲玲]

(2) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Ding A Dong - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]  2.January - Ming  3.Only Yesterday - May Cheng [鄭寶雯] 

4.Mandy - Anders Nelsson [聶安達]  5.Don't Tell Me Goodnight - Louie Castro [賈思樂] 

6.You Make Me Feel Brand New - Anita Sarawak & Ismail 

7.Have You Ever Been Mellow - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]

8.Morning Side Of The Mountain - Louie Castro [賈思樂] & May Cheng [鄭寶雯]

9.Dancing On A Saturday Night - Anita Sarawak   10.Emma - Johnson Tang 

11.Butterfly - Felicia Wong [王愛明]   12.He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) - Ming 

(3) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Love Will Keep Us Together - Susan Guterres [蘇珊]   2.L-O-V-E Love - Norman Cheung 

3.Listen To What The Man Said - Lam [林子祥]  4.The Fugitive Kind - Norman Cheung 

5.Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song - Louie Castro [賈思樂] 

6.Love Said Goodbye - May Cheng [鄭寶雯]  7.Lady Marmalade - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎] 

8.Magic - Ming   9.Solitaire - May Cheng [鄭寶雯]   10.Jive Talking - Fantastics 

11.Taxi - Ming (曲/詞: Anders Nelsson)   12.Hourglass Song - Felicia Wong [王愛明] 

(4) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Rhinestone Cowboy - Tony Orchez   2.Feelings - Anita Sarawak 

3.That's The Way I Like It - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊]   4.I Write The Songs - Tony Orchez 

5.Bad Blood - Lam [林子祥]   6.I Gotcha - Anita Sarawak 

7.Shame, Shame, Shame - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]   8.Island Girl - Lam [林子祥] 

9.I Only Have Eyes For You - Tony Orchez   10.Something Better To Do - Susan Guterres [蘇珊] 

11.Harmour Love - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊]   12.U'N'I - Ming 

(5) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Save Your Kisses For Me - Louie Castro [賈思樂] & May Cheng [鄭寶雯] 

2.Lonely Night (Angel Face) - Susan Guterres [蘇珊]   3.Mamma Mia – Ming   4.My Little Town - Paws 

5.You Sexy Thing - Ming   6.How High The Moon - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎] 

7.Do You Know Where You Are Going To (Theme From (Mahogany) - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎] 

8.There's A Kind of Hush - May Cheng [鄭寶雯]   9.Venus - Tony Orchez 

10.I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever) - Paws  

11.'Cos We Ended Up As Lovers - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊]  12.Volare - Tony Orchez 

(6) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Lam [林子祥] & Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]  2.Silly Love Songs - Lam [林子祥] 

3.問我 - May Cheng [鄭寶雯]   4.Let Your Love Flow - Fantastics 

5.More, More, More - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊] 

6.Come On Over – Tracy Huang [黃露儀]   7.Right Back Where We Started From - Anita Sarawak 

8.Carry On Till Tomorrow – Paws   9. Mr. Melody - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]  10.Disco Lady - Fantastics 

11.Devil Woman - Louie Castro [賈思樂]   12.Sailing - Tracy Huang [黃露儀] 

13.Could It Be Magic - Tony Orchez   14.Boogie Fever - Anita Sarawak  15.Shop Around - Anita Sarawak 

(7) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Money, Money, Money - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]  2.Every Face Tells A Story - Tracy Huang [黃露儀] 

3.I'd Really Love To See You Tonight - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊]   4.Street Singing - Lam [林子祥] 

5.Wham Bam Shang -A-Lang - Fantastics   6.Paloma Blanca - The Good Sound & Chorus 

7.I Can't Live A Dream - Louie Castro [賈思樂]   8.Like A Sad Song - Gracie Rivera 

9.You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine - William Chan [陳健義]  10.Play That Funky Music - Fantastics

11.If You Leave Me Now - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]  

12.Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless) - Nonoy O'Campo [奧金寶] 

13.Muskrat Love - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊]   14.Dancing Queen - Lam [林子祥] 

15.Magic Man - Susanne Leung   16.I Only Want To Be With You - The Good Sound & Chorus 

17.You Should Be Dancing - Lam [林子祥] 

(8) CD V.A – Hit Sounds

1.Love Theme From "A Star Is Born" (Evergreen) - The New Topnotes [新特樂樂隊] 

2.Maybe I'm Amazed - Lam [林子祥]   3.Boogie Child - Four Tracks 

4.Torn Between Two Lovers - Gracie Rivera   5.Southern Nights - Lam [林子祥] 

6.Times Of Your Life - Teresa Carpio [杜麗莎]   7.If You Know What I Mean - William Chan [陳健義] 

8.Don't Give Up On Us - Frances Yip [葉麗儀]   9.New Kid In Town - New Kids 

10.Streets Of London - Gracie Rivera   11.Mississippi - Tracy Huang [黃露儀] 

12.After The Lovin' - William Chan [陳健義]   13.Weekend In New England - Lam [林子祥] 

14.My Sweet Lady - William Chan [陳健義]   15.Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow - Sam Sorono 

Various Artists - EMI Hit Sounds Collection (8CD Special Deluxe Set)
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